Sending out an S.O.S.

Hedge told me to do it.  

This is a desperate cry request for help to the MTBoS:  I will be teaching a new “Bridge to Algebra” class at my high school this coming year.  I’m pretty well on my own for curriculum, so of course I turn to my online community:  HELP!!

The deets: 

  • Students who did not pass 8th grade math and/or the 8th grade ISTEP (Indiana’s high stakes test)
  • The closest thing to a curriculum the school has is an Algebra book (I’m not even sure which it is, we used it a few years ago for a class we called “Algebra Tech”)
  • It’s officially called “Integrated Math” so I think it’d be best to tie in a fair amount of Geometry
  • The main goal is for them to move on from my class to Algebra 1 and be successful, especially on the End of Course Assessment, which is important for their graduation, our school grade and teacher evaluations. (Yeah, Indiana DOE!)
  • Of course the other goal is to get them to not fear/hate math.  Maybe even get them to appreciate/like it, just a little.

I’ve never designed a course from scratch before, so I will gratefully accept help in any area from essential questions, specific lessons, general design, homework ideas, et cetera, et cetera, and so on and so forth.  

Leave your thoughts, links, questions, etc. in the comments.  Thanks in advance, interwebs, I’m looking forward to the conversation.

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One Comment on “Sending out an S.O.S.”

  1. Tina C. Says:

    I taught this course! Sadly for you I taught it pre blogging, but post Dropbox so I have lots of stuff. Tweet me (@crstn85) and email me (Tina.cardone1@gmail) and check out Bridge to Algebra from Carnegie Learning (most places send free samples if you say you’re looking to buy).

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