End of course self evaluation

I wanted to begin blogging. I really believe that it can and will improove my teaching. I want to take time to focus and reflect on what I am doing in the classroom. I started a blog over a year ago, but I didn’t blog until a few weeks ago. That’s part of the reason I chose to call it “Educational Paradox.” I only actually wrote and published a blog post when I had to do if as part of my Technology in Education class.

Now, the class is coming to an end and the only things I’ve posted on this blog have been assignments. I am glad that I’ve begun putting things out there (out here?) on the internet, but I’m worried that I won’t if I don’t have to.

Besides forcing me to use my blog, this class has been helpful for me in terms of becoming comfortable using different educational technologies. I’m not afraid to try new things, and I always want to and plant to, but just like my blogging, I don’t often find the time to actually learn and use these new tools. I’m now proud to say that I have created a webquest, a web page and found several other ways to enhance my teaching with technology.

I fell like I have learned a lot. Now when it comes to putting it into practice, it won”t be new, I will already have the experience to implement some of the new tools I’ve learned about.

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One Comment on “End of course self evaluation”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck with your upcoming classes! Have a great summer and school year

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