This post is the 3rd in the series for my Technology in Education class through Indiana Wesleyan University.  We were to address the following:  What software applications do you use regularly in your teaching practice?  What other software skills would you like to improve to increase your professional efficacy? Propose an action plan to improve these skills.  

The software that I use most often is the good old Microsoft Office Suite.  I use a lot of Word documents to create worksheets, tests and quizzes.  I use PowerPoint for at least half of my lecture notes.  I also am a big fan of Excel for any thing I can, either with students or to keep track of them and their learning.  I’ve also begun to shift more of my work load to Google Docs to do much of the same things but store my work in the cloud.

I would like to use a calender program such as the one in Google Docs to help improove my organization and planning.  This summer I will try to plan out my first nine weeks of lessons (soft plans of course, because you just can’t predict how quickly kids will learn) on Google calender.  Every Friday I will look at the following week and make the necessary adjustments.  I will also keep all of my basketball games and practices on a Google calendar so my wife won’t be surprised when I don’t come home right after school.

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One Comment on “Software”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’d encourage you to try Google Docs next school year. If you get into a habit of using the calendar it would just become part of your weekly plans. Being able to access your plans and schedule from the cloud from any computer can be very beneficial and time saving.

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